Music Room of the Royal Pavilion, Brighton. Soffit decoration. Oil colours and gold leaf on plaster and wood. Re-creation of the original, destroyed by fire ↓


Details of a hand-painted wallpaper for Queen Victoria’s Bedroom at the Royal Pavilion, Brighton – a copy of the original Chinese wallpaper from this room, which was removed c.1848. (Note: the original Chinese wallpaper has since been conserved was re-hung in the room in 2020, replacing this reproduction paper.)  ↓

DSCN1350                         DSCN1348

Another Royal Pavilion hand-painted wallpaper, based on part-sets and fragments  of original Chinese papers in the Pavilion archives. King William IV Room ↓


chinese birds099

A series of chinoiserie pastiches based on works by Boucher, Leighton and others, early 18thC Chinese export paintings ↓


Two paintings in Chinese export style for the Royal Pavilion’s Yellow Bow Rooms

chinese oil 2                            chinese oil 1

Yellow Bow Room with original Chinese export paintings, and three of the reproductions, in situ ↓


Dido and Aeneas mural for an Adam interior – the Front Parlour at Home House in London – to replace a lost 18thC original by Antonio Zucchi ↓

Two details of a continuous wall-mounted frieze decoration, and another landscape after Claude Lorrain ↓


The Nile at Luxor: mural for the Egyptology Gallery, Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro ↓

luxor mural - royal cornwall museum crop

Still life paintings after van Os, van Huysum & Breughel ↓

          still life 3009

After Boucher ↓


Chinoiserie decoration on a polished lacquer ground ↓

black lacquer (Large)

Various chimneyboards and trompe l’oeil panels↓


                                                                                                                   chinese birds 4102

‘Pavilion’ mural in French scenic wallpaper style. Hotel Stanhope, Brussels ↓

After Rex Whistler ↓


Four Mughal-style schemes ↓

DSCN1025              DSCN1029

DSCN1016              DSCN0535

Chimneypiece roundel in the Front Parlour of Home House, London; a grisaille trophy; and a mural for the Stafford Hotel, London ↓

home house 1                   trophy                 stafford

Paintings on silk, for cushion covers ↓



Two paintings incorporating representations of scenic wallpapers: the repair of a companion figure, and a paperhanger at work ↓

companion figure                

Sky ceiling for a London hotel,  a dragon in the Royal Pavilion’s Music Room (a replacement for a lost original), a verdaille roundel for the Pavilion’s Entrance Hall, and a detail from a Music Room soffit ↓

dorchester       music room 1      

Falconry scene after Delamain, and peregrine falcon. A hunter (after Stubbs) ↓

falconry 1     peregrine    

Farmyard scene after John Herring ↓

herring 2

Proposal for a grisaille mural; chinoiserie decoration on a gold-leaf ground (note: the black lacquer panels are period), and a trompe l’oeil ‘plantain-leaf’ ceiling (awaiting chandelier) for the Hotel Stanhope, Brussels ↓

st anthony            gold chinese           stanhope 3

Trompe l’oeil drapery; simulated ashlar finish using Keim Granital paint ↓

trompe drapery               ashlar

Interior decoration for a beach-hut, Hove ↓


Finishing touches to a painted imitation of brickwork at Kensington Palace. Copper-leafing a ceiling ↓

kensington on ladder091             copper leafing092

Paintings on glass for Royal Pavilion lanterns ↓


Painted cupboards ↓


One of sixteen serpent & sunflower ornaments, repaired and gilded (and the head, in this instance, recarved). For the clerestory level of the Royal Pavilion’s Music Room ↓

Detail of a ceiling decoration ↓


Grisaille decoration around a door ↓


Grisaille vine decoration ↓


For more information, please leave a message on the Contact page ↑ .…………………………………………………………..chinese birds 2100

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